What is the King Louis XIII Strain? King Louis XIII strain weed is an indica-prevailing crossover that is a cross of LA Confidential and OG Kush. For sure, it’s anything but a top pick of OG Kush darlings for quite a long time, which is likely why it stays as one of the most expensive indica you’ll discover in a dispensary.

3 reviews for King Louie XIII

  1. TrYs

    Knock you right out if that’s what you want, but i prefer a more active high. Great services tho

  2. James

    Great for FIBROMYALGIA. I got this because I’d read it was good for fibro. Indeed it is! Strong medicine for fibro pain; I highly recommend.

  3. A.Valdez

    It’s one of those strains that shows you who you really are.

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