Cookies and Cream is a cross breed(hybrid), which means it contains properties of both a conventional indica just as a sativa. This permits it some adaptability as to its belongings, making it’s anything but a regular strain instead of a devoted indica or sativa.

3 reviews for Cookies N’ Cream

  1. Lawrence

    it leaves you speechless… like nothing you’ve ever had.

  2. Fritz

    Cookies & Cream is potent, sweet and smells delicious. It’s an awesome fucking strain of weed. Highly recommended for anyone who is feeling stressed out or just wants to be able to relax and have a great nite’s sleep. Excelent services btw.

  3. Boris

    We didn’t have any strains in mind, but after chatting with the knowledgeable customer service, we had narrowed it down to Cookies and Cream . Went with the former, and it became our main strain for the next week. We generally keep our intake down to a minimum, and Cookies and Cream delivered quite wallop. Long, floaty, slightly euphoric buzz. Also pretty good for back pain from work. After a couple of grand hits, the effect becomes something close to a good, strong Indica. I was surprised by the complete lack of paranoia/nervousness, especially with Durban Poison as a parent. Marvelous new strain.

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