Alien Kush is a strong cross of LVPK and Alien Dawg that initially hails from California, not profound space. It might make them feel somewhat spacey, however, as this strain lands in the mind first, giving dynamic, now and then hallucinogenic impacts.

3 reviews for Alien Kush

  1. Joe

    The go to weed for anxiety relief. It makes life bearable at the worst of times! You’ll huff, and you’ll puff, and you’ll sink into the couch with some doritos without a care in the world! Very pleasant high. Wicked dry mouth though.

  2. Wilson

    One of the best hybrid strains I’ve experienced, it brightens up your supposedly dull day through giggles and one of the best body buzzes ever. I now understand why this strain is a classic.

  3. Tom

    Couldn’t stop smiling halfway through the first bowl

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